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Common questions asked by customers with King River Rafting


What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations made within 24 hours of tour departure date incur a 100% cancellation fee. Cancellations made between 24 hours and 7 days before the tour departure will attract a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellations made with more than 7 days’ notice incur an administration charge of 20% of total booking fee. 

We encourage our customers to purchase travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances.


Can my children come with me?

Yes, most children love rafting and have a great time.  Our King River Rafting Trips can be cold and a bit hard for smaller children so we have a minimum age of 11 years on these trips. Ring us if you have questions.  Our King River Gorge Explorer and King River Rail, Raft & Rainforest Experience is certainly suitable for children to 8 years old with parental support.


What should I wear while rafting?

King River Rafting will supply you with all the gear you need, including wetsuit, helmet, PFD and wetsuit booties. If you have your favourite wetsuit or your own wet footwear bring it by all means, otherwise just come as you are with your bathers to go under the wetsuit and let King River Rafting look after you. It is recommended to bring a towel and a bag to keep your gear organized while we are one the river.


Will it be cold?

Queenstown in the summer has an average temperature of 21 degrees.  In the shady depth of the gorge the temperature will be lower than that in Queenstown and the water in the river cooler again, but you will be given a wetsuit to combat the cool weather. Once out of the gorge in the sun we will quickly warm up again. 


How do I know if there will be water?

The flow through the King River is one of the many waterways controlled by Hydro Tasmania. The water which flows down the King River is pulled from Lake Burbury ran through the John Butters Power Station to produce power and then out down the King River. In order to provide certainty of water during the dry summer months King River Rafting has a financial agreement with Hydro Tasmania where King River Rafting pays a fee for a minimum release of water, this allows us to have the luxury of water certainty when many other rivers around the state would be dry. 

Occasionally we do have situations where the power station has a mechanical issue or there is a period of scheduled maintenance, unfortunately these issues are out of our control, and if they do arise our guests will be offered a full refund and or the change of date.

What can I bring aboard the raft?

Just yourself. All of your bags, towels and clothing will be locked aboard the bus or placed on the train and will meet you at the end of the trip. If you need to take medication during the day, give this to your guide who will arrange for it to be carried on the trip. If you wear prescription glasses these should have a strap on them, but normal sunglasses are not necessary or recommended.  We do have a supply of sunglasses straps.  We supply water bottles on the King River Rafts

Cameras are not recommended as there is a high chance of you losing them if you fall out of the raft, and you should leave any jewelry or watches in the safety of your accommodation. 


How safe is White Water Rafting?

Like any adventure activity, rafting carries with it inherent risks and you will be required to sign an indemnity form to this effect on the day.  The King River is a grade 2 – 3 river on the international scale of 1 to 6.  This means that all the rapids can be rafted with safety. The exception is the final rapid in the King River Gorge, Sailor Jack, which at certain water levels we are required to portage (walk around)

On each trip our trained staff examine your health questionnaires, and are able to address concerns you may have.  It is up to you to bring any essential medication that you may need during the day and to keep the guides informed of any concerns you may have. The King River flows through an area remote from roads and usually the quickest way to outside assistance will be down the river.  Every trip will carry a satellite communication device and Personal Locator Beacon to assist in the management of emergencies.  Our aim is for you to have a safe, enjoyable and memorable day


What safety gear will I wear?

All our guests wear a wetsuit, helmet and approved PFD (Personal Flotation Device). 

How fit do I need to be?

If you are able to walk up a few flights of stairs comfortably you should be able to complete rafting on the King River.  There is a low chance of falling out of the raft, and so you should be comfortable with being in and around water.  The portage track around the Sailor Jack rapid is steep with steps and ladders.  You will be walking on slippery rocks and climbing and descending around the rapid on steps and ladders built into the rock.  Ropes are provided as hand lines to assist you.  Our guides are there to help you and with their help most people complete it without a problem.  The pictures show the Sailor Jack portage track. There is a low chance of falling out of the raft, and so you should be comfortable with being in and around water. If you are under 18 years old you will need your parent/guardians permission to come.  Alcohol & other drugs don’t go with rafting.


Where is the King River?

The King River starts in the remote peaks of the Eldon Range in western Tasmania and flows to Lake Burbury.  From there it flows through a tunnel driven deep under Mt Jukes to emerge at the John Butters Power Station which generates clean renewable electricity for the National Grid.  It is here 10 km south of Queenstown that our adventure starts.  We will travel through the King River Gorge and onwards for 20 km to Lowana at the mouth of the river. 


Tell me about the King River Water Quality.

The Queen River flows through Queenstown and into the King River.  The Queen River carries legacy mining waste and below its confluence with the King River we do recommend not drinking the water.  We supply water bottles for your use.  We can fill it from the side streams carrying clean water from the Tasmanian rainforest.

The Picton and Huon Rivers are clean, flowing from the undeveloped Tasmanian World Heritage Area


Can I drive my car to the King River?

King River Rafting will you meet at the West Coast Wilderness Railway Station in Driffield St,

The meeting time can be found on your confirmation details. If you have someone to drive your can whilst you are on the river, you can drive to the start of the trip to the John Butters Power Station.

At the end of your adventure we will deliver you back to the West Coast Wilderness Railway Station.

If your question is not answered here simply ring give us a ring or send us an email on and we will help you.

Photos of the portage

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