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The West Coast

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Tasmania’s West Coast is great.  Adventure Central.  Doesn’t matter who you are there will be something there for you. 

Some of my favourites are:

Corinna, The Tarkine & Pieman River.

The road to Corinna is long and windy with plenty to see, whether you come from north or south.  Old & new mines, Hydro Electric & wild rivers, mountains & wilderness.  Corinna is an old mining town with some accommodation on the Pieman River where you can cross from north to south in the ‘Fatman’, a vehicular barge, sometimes run by my mate Blacky.

At Corinna get down to Pieman Heads however you can, take your own dinghy or canoe or get on board the Huon Pine launch Arcadia for the 18 km cruise to the Pieman Heads.  Stay at the heads for as long as you please.  The camping is easy.  Experience the power of the west coast seas and weather.   Explore north up the Tarkine coast towards the Interview River, or south to Ahrberg Bay, the scene of many wrecks over the years.  Salmon often run hard at the Pieman River mouth.  Meet up with some of the locals from Conical Rocks – they may even take you out fishing.

King River Rafting rafts the 17 kilometres of the Pieman River from Reece Dam to Corinna.  Reece Dam is a massive structure some 90 metres high.  Named after a Tasmanian Premier, 'Electric' Eric Reece, a stalwart of hydro industrialisation, it forms the lowest lake in the Pieman River Hydro Electric Scheme.  The massive volume of water released through the power station allows the raft to drift through the deep Tarkine rainforest valley with little effort required until the river slows on its approach to Corinna.  Once at Corinna you can enjoy the local hospitality before crossing the river on the Fatman and returning to Queenstown, some 90 kilometres away. 

Zeehan, Trial & Granville.

Zeehan is what Strahan used to be like before the tourists moved in.  Lurching from boom to bust, the busts always seem a bit harder than the boom.  It has a great minerals & all things west coast museum that is a must see.  From Zeehan head out to Granville Harbour and check out the shacks and some beautiful little beaches.  If you are feeling adventurous you can head up towards Ahrberg Bay to the north.  Yours will not be the first or last vehicle to get bogged on the beach and flooded by the sea.

South of Granville there is a 4WD track that takes you to Trial Harbour.  A 2 wheel drive road gets there from Zeehan.  I love Trial.  Again a little private museum with ship wreck artefacts and a wild harbour, often piled high with storm tossed kelp.  Keep going south to the mouth of the Little Henty River on Ocean Beach.  Take care to avoid the whale carcasses.

Paddle Hint –    Little Henty River

                           Tasman River (needs rain)

                           Heemskirk River

                           Piney Creek

Tullah & Roseberry

Tullah in the summer is just like a health resort.  The accommodation is good, the pub is friendly and the water in the lake is clear and warm, just don’t dive too deep.

Check out Mt Murchison on the Link Rd, a spectacular day walk, and take your bike to Montezuma Falls via the Hercules Mine at Williamsford.  Chase gold in the Stitt River.  Find the lost town of Ringville.

King River Rafting offers a twilight paddle on the Murchison Arm of Lake Roseberry.  Perfect reflections, platypus and trout ripples, secluded swimming and cheese and bikkies as the sun sinks slowly in the west.  Not to be missed!