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Strahan – the scenic, cultural, tourist precinct of the West Coast

Strahan for the visitor is cruise boats and railways but there is so much more.  See the visitor centre for detailed information.

Macquarie Harbour

Macquarie Harbour is vast, six times bigger than Sydney Harbour!  You will need a boat and some time.  Explore the hidden bays and forests of Huon Pine.  Seek out the hidden relics of yesteryear.  Set a net for giant escapee Atlantic Salmon (Get a licence first).  In summer swim in the tepid tannin water.  Walk out to secret coves on the ocean.  Lie at night on sheltered beaches and count the stars in the crystal air.

Ocean Beach & Hells Gates

Ocean Beach is big, whether the surf is pounding into the dunes or the sun shining off the distant sands stretching to the far hills.  Sometimes the sea is a mirror with barely a ripple. 

Henty Dunes

Near the mouth of the Henty River lie the Henty Dunes, a huge area of wind blown dunes fronting onto the Southern Ocean.  Nestled amongst the dunes are the placid waters of the Henty Backwater, an ideal camp for the independent traveller.

Gordon River & Sarah Island

The Gordon River is best seen at morning before the perfect reflections are disturbed by the breezes of the day.  Sarah Island and the Gordon River formed the backdrop to Tasmania’s early penal system.  The settlement on Sarah Island formed a base for gangs of convicts who searched Macquarie Harbour and the Gordon River for the best Huon Pine from which to construct ships.  The system was brutal to man, prisoner and guard alike.


Paddle Hint –    Denison River

                           Franklin River

                           Contact King River Rafting for more.