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Paul & Michele, the owners of King River Rafting have lived all their life in Tasmania.  During that time they have discovered some favourite experiences that they would like to share with you.

Maria Island.  – A true gem just off the East Coast of Tasmania which can be accessed by ferry from Triabunna.  If you wish to experience Maria Island in style go with our award winning friend Ian at The Maria Island Walk.

Launceston, our northern city at the confluence of the North and South Esk Rivers.  Home to the beauthiful Cataract Gorge and our occasinal one day rafting event.  A fairly flat city the best way to get around is by bicycle so go to Alison at

Cradle Mountain – Cradle is great at any time of the year and offers a million different experiences.  If waterfalls are your thing then the very best way to enjoy the thrill of descending a steep mountain creek is with Tim & Anto at 

With all this running around you will need something to wear, either to keep you warm during your adventure or for a more refined setting afterwards.  Our friends Carl & Nicola at Smitten Merino craft the finest Tasmanian wool into quality thermal under garments and also the height of ladies' fashion.

Once you have had a taste of rafting in Tasmania's wilderness with King River Rafting, you may decide a ten day Franklin River journey is appealing.  Elias and Franzi at Franklin River Rafting run a safe and friendly trip.

To get to the west coast is easy if you have a car.  An easy and friendly place to find a car is at Bargain Car Rentals